Reebok Instructions and Fit Guide

The majority of Reebok shoes will fit Move Game Day and Game Day Pro insoles true to size. For example, if your Reebok sneakers are a Men’s Size 11, use the 11-11.5 insole. If you are a Women’s Size 12.5, use the W 12-12.5 or M 11-11.5 insole. Confirm your size by reviewing our size chart.

Most Reebok shoes use a very light adhesive to keep the included insole attached to the shoe’s midsole. You can use your hands to easily pull the insole free of the shoe. Some Reebok models, like Reebok running and many lifestyle models do not use adhesive on the bottom of the insole. However, some retro Reebok models like the Reebok Shaqnosis will have some loose strings taped or glued down to the strobel board or to the underside of the insole. This is a remnant of old school shoe manufacturing. The string is secured to the sidewall of the shoe so even if it moves while you make the insole swap, it won’t affect performance. If the strings are taped to the bottom of the insole, slowly remove the tape from the insole and use the same piece of tape to attach the strings to the shoe’s midsole.

Regardless of the type of Reebok shoe you have, loosening the laces as much as possible will give you greater access to the inside of the shoe and make it easier to remove the standard insoles and switch to Move insoles. Once you’ve removed the stock insoles, carefully slide the Move insoles into your pair of Reeboks and position as needed. You’ll be able to swap out the old insoles for new Move insoles in less than 2 minutes. This makes it easy to use the same pair of Move insoles for multiple pairs of shoes. 

Tip: If for some reason the adhesive on the bottom of the insole will not detach easily, use a hair dryer set to low heat to warm and loosen the adhesive.

The addition of a Move insole will slightly change the fit of your Reebok sneakers. Your foot will sit slightly higher within the shoe, and depending on the upper materials, feel marginally tighter on foot. All insoles change the feel of a shoe on foot. Move insoles are designed to minimize those differences and help your Reebok shoes fit better and more comfortably over the long term.   

You will immediately feel the difference. Move insoles feature extra cushion, arch support and a frictionless top layer that molds to your foot. Move insoles protect your feet and assist in maintaining ideal biomechanics. You’ll feel the difference both while wearing Move insoles and when you take your shoes off after a long day on the court or on your feet.

Tip: Take your Move insoles with you when you try on new shoes. This ensures you get the proper fit no matter which shoe brand or model you buy.

After you’ve had a great experience replacing your Reebok insoles with Move insoles, please leave us a review. If you have questions not answered here or any difficulties with your insoles, contact customer support here.